The following committees have been constituted through the College Council to all matters.

  1. College Council – Principal and all the members of the Teaching staff.
  2. Staff Selection Committee – Management Representative, Principal, senior faculty expert in the Concerned subject
  3. Admission committee – Principal and two senior faculty Members.
  4. Sports committee – Principal, Physical Director, one from faculty and two student representatives.
  5. Library advisory committee – Librarian and two members of the faculty members and two student representatives.
  6. Grievance-redressal Cell – The College Council itself functions as Grievance – Redressal Cell.
  7. Student Council – One Chairman, One Secretary, One Joint Secretary, Four executive committee members.
  8. The Anti-Ragging Committee – Principal, three staff members, three students representatives.
  9. Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)
  • The Principal – Chairman
  • Management Representative
  • Two senior faculty members
  • Librarian
  • Two from Peer Institutions
  • One from Alumni Associations
  • One from Public
  • Two student representatives
  • One Coordinator